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5 Simple Things | Relax

Simple Things Relax

I have something a little different for you today. I saw the idea of 5 simple things to relax on The July Journal by Yasmina Magdy, I’d love if you would check out her blog.


We all have good days and bad days. Every now and then, we even have really bad days. This is totally normal and there are a few things you can do to help relax your body and mind. Bearing in mind that everyone relaxes differently, here are five simple things I do when I’m have ‘one of those days’.


One: Hot Shower or Bath

Have a hot shower or bath; wash your hair and remove your makeup. Use your favourite body wash and wash away the day. Not only does this help you feel fresh and clean, it will warm you up. It’s amazing how being snuggly and warm can make you feel that little bit better.


Two: Talk to Someone

When I say talk to someone I don’t necessarily mean you have to go pour your heart out to someone (unless of course you want too, then definitely do!). I find chatting to a family member or friend really helps distract the mind. Have a good long chat and laugh with them.


Three: Have Some Alone Time

While it’s good to connect and chat with others, it is just as important to connect with yourself. Relax in your room for a while. Light a candle or burn scented oil. Grab a book, play some music or watch your favourite show/YouTubers. Anything that you can immerse yourself in. Again, you want to distract your mind.


Four: Have a Hot Drink

You are wanting to engage all your senses. Have a nice hot drink, a hot chocolate never goes a stray. In my opinion, enjoying your favourite drink is good for your soul. It brings you back to the here and now. Plus it will also help warm you up.


Five: Have a Nap

I often find, when I’m not feeling that great I’m tired. Whether you realise it or not, sometimes your body is exhausted. Have a nap or a really early night. Rest your body, I often feel a lot better after a good long sleep! The saying “everything will look better in the morning” is definitely true.


These are five simple things that you can do at home. I find that they really help me and I hope they might help you too.


What do you do, to help cheer yourself up?


Thanks for reading.





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