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Anxiety Apps I Use

Anxiety Tip Anxiety Apps

Having useful and beneficial Anxiety Apps literately an arms length way (providing you’re like me and glued to your phone) was more beneficial than any prep or advice. You know what you should be doing but it’s so hard to actually focus and organise yourself to do it. You also get told advice from doctors or friends but I found I often ‘shut off’ to it. Not purposely but I did. I found these Apps the most useful out of the MANY I tried.

Anxiety Tip

Anxiety Tip Anxiety Apps

Anxiety Tip

How many times have you been told “just remember to breath properly and you’ll be okay”? I seriously wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me. While it is an important fact to ‘keep breathing’, when you’re feeling anxious it can be as helpful as a sweater on a hot summer day!


In fact, trying to remember anything when your anxious or having a panic attack or feeling depressed is difficult. No matter how hard you ‘prepare’ or know what you ‘should’ do. When you are feeling that low, it’s always difficult to do those things.


What I have been finding really useful to help me when I start to feel like that are these Apps. They are a on-hand prompt that I can reach for when I start to feel anxious or low. There is nothing ground breaking in these Apps, no magic cure or quick fix. It does however, take the stress of trying to remember what to do when you’re in those already stressful situations.


Anxiety Apps I Use

Mood & Anxiety Diary

Mood Anxiety New Zealand

The Mood and Anxiety Diary is a great way to track your mood and anxiety (obviously). What I liked about this diary/tracker is it has the option to add notes to each entry. All other apps I found missed this. Adding in a few words about what you’re doing at the time of entry is a great way to find out what triggers your anxiety. It also allows you to look back on the day and find what things actually made you feel more at ease.


Understanding your triggers, as well as what comforts you, is an important step in managing anxiety. I did find however, that I would forget to add in the good stuff and only remembered when I wasn’t feeling the best. So, I would make a conscious effort to go back and add in what I was doing when I got distracted. I found tracking my moods like this also helped me look at the day more objectively.



Mindshift Anxiety

MindShift was my favourite App to have on me. This App helps you understand anxiety and what is happening to your body. It also gives you a range of tools such as “chill out tools’, quotes, and a situation guide. The situation guide lets you add in situations that make you anxious, social events for example, it then helps explain what it is and how you can mange your anxieties in these situations.


MindShift and the Mood & Anxiety Diary work well together. The later allowing you to identify what situations make you anxious and the former helping you through them.



Mindshift Anxiety

SAM is almost like a hybrid of the two, you can add in your moods as well as a custom anxiety tool kit. While SAM is a good app and would be perfect if you’re conscious about space on your phone, I do prefer the previous two individual apps.


Anxiety Free – iCan Hypnosis and Do!

Anxiety Tips Anxiety App

I have used a few iCan Hypnosis apps! The Anxiety Free app helps you relax and focus on your breathing and your mind. While I don’t know if it actually hypnotises you or not, I do know that it helped me manage my thinking process and keep my mind on the right track. Which is half the battle!




Last but not least is a to-do-list app! This really helped take the stress out of a day. I just list everything I want to accomplish that day and tick them off as I go. They can be little things like, get out of bed, shower etc. or bigger things like grocery shopping, pay bills etc. Whatever you need to do write it down, and be proud as you tick things off. Don’t belittle the smaller things, every step is an accomplishment!


Let me know if you got this far! Hi five if you did!


Would you use these apps? or is there one I should check out? I would love to know!


As always feel free to comment below or message me on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about anxiety, I would love to chat and help if I can!


With love,
Alisha xx



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