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Apply Concealer: Hide Dark Undereyes and Spots

I have a love hate relationship with concealer. It can give the illusion that you’re wide wake, had enough sleep and look flawless ready for the day. It can also crease, smudge, disappear and make your makeup look worse than if you hadn’t applied it at all. I think we have all had those days where our makeup has just not lasted how we’d hope and gotten frustrated with having to maintain it during the day! So, I thought I would share some tips that I use to apply concealer and keep it looking good throughout the day.

How to Apply Concealer:

1. Firstly, apply concealer AFTER your foundation! Not only does this make you use less product, it ensures the product you do use stays where you want it to. If you apply concealer first, then buff in your foundation, you risk removing the concealer you have applied with your foundation brush or sponge. The only time I use concealer first is when I am only using a powdered foundation and I will make sure I pat the powder on rather than buff to keep the concealer in place.

Light it Up!

2. When you have dark under eye areas because you have watched “just one more episode” on Netflix or for what ever reason. Use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation rather than the same shade. This gives a brightening effect and tricks people into thinking you slept an acceptable amount of hours the night before!

Concealer ‘Triangles’ for the Undereye Area

3. Place the lighter shade in a triangle under your eyes also down the bridge of your nose and in the center of your forehead. This brightens key areas on your face and gives dimension to your makeup look. Bringing your concealer down further under your eyes draws the attention away from your under eye area. A large part of makeup is creating ‘illusions’, this is one that can have a huge impact on your makeup look.

Apply Concealer tips undereyes

I must say, I think this is my best look yet! *insert cry laughter face*

4. Also place a small amount of the lighter concealer on your cupids bow, the bow part in the center of your top lip. It will give you a fuller appearance to your top lip. I definitely know I need all the help I can get in that department!

Getting the Right Shade AND Undertone!

5. When choosing a concealer, its important to get one with the right undertone colour for your skin. Like foundation concealers have different undertone colours, as well as your normal light to dark shades. There are Cool tones, pinks/blues; Neutral tones, blue/green; and Warm tones, Olive/Yellow. This helps with a seamless blend between concealer, foundation and your skin. I have done a post on how to choose the right foundation for your skin tone, the same ‘rules’ apply for concealer as well.

Foundation Trick!

6. To cover blemishes or any spots on the rest of your face try using a little extra foundation. If you’re not into having 64 different concealers shades. You can very effectively use your foundation to add coverage where it is needed. After you have applied your foundation as normal. Take a small amount of that same foundation on a concealer brush or clean finger tip and pat that over the area you want to cover. This helps build coverage in that area without having to cake your whole face. It works like a charm.

Pat That!

7. This is one that took me a while cotton on to. When applying your concealer gently PAT the product in place rather than buffing! Using a clean flinger or brush, lightly pat or dab up and down where you want the product to cover. Buffing or moving it around with a brush can reduce the coverage and undo all your hard work.

Setting Powder

Apply Concealer Tips Patting Setting Powder

I tried to do a GIF here, then I realised that is way too technical and went old school with the arrows and a very serious face!

8. Once you’ve got that bad boy looking fine and in its place. It is time to set and hold it there! Use a light weight setting powder and medium fluffy brush to set the concealer under your eyes. Your every day setting/pressed powder is fine for the rest of your face but using that type of powder under your eyes can make the area look cakey and heavy. I <3 E.L.F’s HD Undereye Setting Powder! Just like before, PAT the powder over the concealer instead of dragging it as you don’t want to move it around!


So, there are my 8 must know concealer tips! Am I missing something? What is your must know concealer tip or trick? Let us know in the comments below!

<3 Alisha Barbara x



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