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Avobath Bath Bomb Review

Avobath Bath Bomb Lush

I found myself in LUSH the other day, which is odd because I don’t have one where I live. . . but where there is a will there is a way, right? ;P Immediately I spotted a mint green bath bomb called ‘ Avobath Bath Bomb ‘ that I’d never seen before. This was just not on, so I had to take the little cutey home with me to find out what I’ve been missing.


Avobath Bath Bomb $6.90

Boy, I have been missing out. Normally I enjoy the buttery, lavender, pre bed type of bath bomb. So for me the Avobath Bath Bomb is something a little different. The lemongrass scent is said to stimulate sleepy brains when you’re feeling a little sluggish in the morning. That sounds like a little bit of me!


Naturally, the Avobath bath bomb has freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to give your skin a boost. Although that makes it sound like the bomb is a mushy avocado mess I promise it’s not. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to jump into green water before!!


Avobath Water Lush Bathbomb


So apparently I am a lemongrass lover. The scent is so fresh and invigorating it makes the whole bathroom smell good. As for being moisturising, it is not the most moisturising LUSH bath bomb I have ever tried so if that is what you’re after maybe go for something like the LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb.


The Avobath bath bomb has a slight simmer to it once dissolved, but this doesn’t stick to your skin or the bath which is a plus. I have to say I very much dislike how some LUSH bath bomb are so glittery they get everywhere and are hard to clean up.


The Avobath bath bomb is your average 200g bomb and cost $6.90nzd. I am a cheap skate so I cut these larger bombs in half to get two baths out of them. I find it’s still enough to really enjoy the bath bomb and get more bomb for your buck! 😛


In the words of LUSH themselves “When you’re sluggish in the morning, get up and Avobath”. hehehe


Is there other LUSH products I am missing out on? What are some of your favourites?


With love,
Alisha Barbara xx



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  • Meagan Kerr June 25, 2015

    Yum, this makes me want to have a bath. I love baths in the morning, they feel so decadent!