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COLAB Dry Shampoo Review and FAQs

COLAB Dry Shampoo

Let’s be honest dry shampoo is not the cheapest beauty product out there. They also can be very hit and miss. I know I have tried many dry shampoos in the past that I really wish I didn’t waste my money on! So, knowing about a product and if that product is going to be worth the money BEFORE you buy it, is super helpful! So, here are some answers FAQ’s about dry shampoo and my thoughts on COLAB Hair Dry Shampoo.


Why Use a Dry Shampoo?

If you’re not familiar with dry shampoo, I’ll tell you now, you’re missing out. It is pretty much what it sounds like. A shampoo that you use in dry hair to refresh it without having to wash, dry and straighten etc. It can be a serious life saver when you wake up in the morning and find you really should have washed your hair the night before.



If you’re super on to it and know you should wash your hair but blatantly don’t want to. You can spritz your hair the night before and let the dry shampoo do its magic over night! I normally find that I want to do it again in the morning, which ends with twice the amount of product in my hair. So I actually prefer the last minute morning routine! It pretty much works exactly the same if you ask me.


Using dry shampoo can save you serious time in the morning. It can turn your hair from an oily mess to fresh and ready to go in minutes. I for one HATE washing my hair in the morning. It takes too much time to get it dry and looking nice for the day. But I also hate washing it and leaving it wet. So, I really can’t win. Queue the dry shampoo!


COLAB Dry Shampoo

Photo by @hanna.letitia on Instagram

How to use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo genuinely comes in a standard spray can. You hold the nozzle about 20cm away from the roots of your hair and give them a bit of a spritz. You honestly don’t need to use very much of the product at all. I usually section my hair into three sections and spritz the underside of each section. I then massage the roots gently with my finger tips to help disperse the product.


I then leave my hair like that, it looks a little funny all puffy and messy but don’t worry I came back to it! I let it sit in my hair like this while I do my makeup. This way it gives the product time to soak up the excess oils. I like to do this for at least ten minutes. It normally takes me at least that to do my makeup, even on a lazy morning!


I then brush my hair from roots to end with my tangle teezer. Dispersing the product through the hair, this helps with that ‘white’ look that can happen with some dry shampoos. If your dry shampoo does this, giving your hair a really good brush, that will help.


Dry Shampoo Tangle Teezer

Photo by @hanna.letitia on Instagram

Will Dry Shampoo Make My Hair White?

Some dry shampoos can make your hair white, some have been so bad that I have chucked them out without finishing them, regardless of price or how much was left. These are products you won’t see on this blog, because I dislike them immensely.


Good dry shampoos should not make you look like you have a grey wig going on! There may be slight whiteness, especially if you have dark hair. BUT it should brush out and not be noticeable!!


Can I Use Dry Shampoo in Dark Hair?

Great question! For years I avoided dry shampoo because of having dark hair. I found the normal white ones made my hair look funny and the dark ones left dark product in my hair. When I styled my hair or touch it throughout the day I would get brown product on my hands, which bugged the heck out of me!


I would seriously recommend the COLAB sheer + invisible for dark hair. It doesn’t leave a white residue at all. It is the only dry shampoo I have tried that is like you haven’t even used a dry shampoo. But I will tell you more on that soon.


COLAB Dry Shampoo extreme volume

COLAB Dry Shampoo

I was very excited when I heard COLAB dry Shampoo was available in New Zealand. I had heard a heap of great reviews on them so I really wanted to try them out. As I said I have tried many, MANY dry shampoos. It is one of those things I like to keep on hand for those ‘I can’t be f’ed’ days. But there is nothing worse than a crap dry shampoo that makes your hair worse than if you had left it alone all together!


Good news! COLAB’s Dry Shampoo is one of the good guys!! I was seriously relieved with how much I like them, I had such high expectations that I wouldn’t have been surprised if it didn’t live up.


I tried the Sheer + Invisible in New York and the Extreme Volume in London. I had my eyes set on the Extreme Volume from the get go as my hair needs all the volume it can get. So, I was super surprised when the Sheer + Invisible was my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!


COLAB Dry Shampoo

Photo by @hanna.letitia on Instagram

Sheer + Invisible

One thing that is usually a give in with dry shampoo is that it will leave your roots slightly white. With a good dry shampoo this shouldn’t be so bad that it’s noticeable. If you have dark brown or black hair you may struggle more. I know it’s something I am always conscious of.


BUT with the Sheer + Invisible there is NO residue. Nothing. Zip. Nada! Praise the hair gods, this is actually a thing! When I first used it, I questioned whether it was actually working as I didn’t get that puff of product. But it sure as hell worked! It left my hair refreshed, sleek and gorgeous. Just like it had been washed and styled!

Extreme Volume

I also love the extreme volume dry shampoo, this is more like other good dry shampoos that I have tried. It gives a satisfying burst of product and adds volume to your roots. It isn’t ‘invisible’ like the sheer + invisible so I am not 100% sure how this would go with dark hair. But in my blonde hair it is fine in terms of whiteness.

COLAB Dry Shampoo sheer + invisible

Photo by @hanna.letitia on Instagram

You need to give your hair a good wash after using this, so make sure to shampoo twice then condition. This just ensures that there is no lasting product build up in your hair that can irritate your scalp!


I would say you’ve got the gist by now that I am a fan of these dry shampoos. As I have said I have tried so many that I have never shared because they were just not up to scratch in my opinion. Both of these are great but the sheer + invisible is by far my favourite!! Both the New York and London scents are delicious also!! <3


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions you would like me to answer! Also if you’ve tried COLAB before I would love to know you opinion!


Talk soon,
Alisha Barbara xo




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