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Eyebrow Tutorial + Review | W7 Brow Bar Kit

Today I have an eyebrow tutorial for you using W7 Brow Bar Kit. I have been wanting to film this for quite a while, so when I found this eyebrow kit at Postie Plus I hoped I’d like it enough to do a tutorial and recommend it to you guys. Eyebrows are one of those things that you can spend as little or as much as you like on. In saying that there are so many brow products out there that it is hard to know where to start! That is where I come in 😛


I chop and change what I use on my brows nearly every day, this is by choice though. I have many products that I would be happy to use everyday! What caught my eye(brow) ;p, was the range of shades in this kit, as well as the brushes! Often brow kits will only have one or two shade and a small little brush that looks like it will be more of a hassle than helpful. Plus it was only $12nzd from Postie Plus. Postie have been having a few sales lately so you may get it on sale! I purchased this as part of a 3 for 2 deal which mean I also go a free lipstick #winning.

W7 Brow Bar Kit Tutorial and Review


What: W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow Kit


Packaging: The packaging of the brow powder quad is what you would expect for the price. It has a solid black plastic case with a clear plastic ‘window’. It is a little chunky for what it is. I expected to find a mirror compartment underneath just because of the size. In saying that it doesn’t feel flimsy or ‘cheapy’ either and will do the trick of protecting the powders.


Tools: This is where this product EXCEEDS expectations. When first looking at the tools in store I thought they would be quite good. But the angled brush is so much better than you should expect! It easily holds and evenly distributes product and creates nice, sharp lines! TIP: don’t press down to hard on the brush or it can slide around, I did this in the eyebrow tutorial above. *cry laughing face!


The brow brush is pretty standard. It does its job, to brush your eyebrows. . .


Okay, the stencils . . . does anyone actually use these? I find they are unrealistically HUGE, I mean I do love a bold brow but I also like to see the rest of my face! So, in all fairness I didn’t try them but they look like all other brow stencils I have seen and used before. I personally would recommend using your natural brow shape as a guide, they are custom made for you! BUT if you prefer to use the stencils they are included 😀



Powders: This quad comes with three brow filling shades and a brow bone highlight. I use a mixture of shade 2 and 3 for my brows. These shades do allow you to create a lighter or darker brow depending on your preference. If I have lighter hair I would mainly use shade 2, I think this would be ideal for blonde hair. Again it does depend on your preference though, brows are such an individual thing!!


The shades are pigmented but also easy to blend out if you made a mistake, which I do, OFTEN! The highlight shade is a little too shimmery for my liking. I know, that is the point of a highlight. BUT. I prefer a matte highlight. . . yes that is a thing! In saying that I would use this shade if going out or doing a bold eye look like below!


Anything Missing?: There is one thing that is missing from this kit and that’s a brow setting gel or mascara. I know setting brows isn’t for every one but I reckon it adds dimension to the brows and keeps them where you want them! Having this would really make this kit a ‘one-stop-shop’.


Price and Where to Find: I got this from Post Plus for $12nzd, but as I said keep an eye out for their sales! 😛 Everyone likes a makeup bargain!


Instagram is now @alishabarbaranz 😛

All in All: I would definitely recommend this product. If you’re wanting to experiment with your brows but you don’t want to spend a heap of money, this kit has everything (excluding a setting product but that really is optional) that you need to get started!


Make sure you check out the eyebrow tutorial above to see how I use this kit to do my brows. I would love to know what you use on your brows or are you looking to start filling in your brows?


I hope this helps! eyebrow t


With love,
Alisha Barbara


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  • Angela February 9, 2016

    So far, every product I’ve tried from W7, I’ve liked. I usually get them from the Big Bucket Deals. I haven’t tried their brow palette though and from your review, it seems pretty good for the price. I think if there’s a waxy bit instead of just powders, it will be better at keeping the brows in place and you won’t need a setting gel/mascara. Not bad for $12 though!