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Karen Murrell Lipstick in Fuchsia Shock

Karen Murrell Fuchsia Shock

It is of no surprise that I’m a lover of a bright lip colour, any excuse is a good excuse to add a pop of colour to your makeup look. Karen Murrell Lipstick in Fuchsia Shock is not only a gorgeous shade, it is full of natural goodness so nothing nasty touches your lips.


The first thing I noticed and loved about this lipstick is the packaging. Each lipstick comes in a 100% recyclable box with it’s own original artwork, encasing a sleek matte black lipstick tube. From there is the unmistakable cinnamon scent. I’m a lover of chai latte so a cinnamon scented lipstick is right up my ally. I’m not going to lie it also tastes slightly of cinnamon, not that I recommend eating it! It’s way too pretty for that.


Karen Murrell Fuchsia Shock

As the name suggests, this is a gorgeous fuchsia shade that is bold without being over-powering. The formulation of this lipstick is silky, gliding on the lips with ease.


Karen Murrell Lipstick ‘s take pride in ensuring all of their lipsticks are packed full of natural ingredients without sacrificing quality. Have you heard of the Candelilla Plant? Neither had I before now. You can find it in northern Mexico, due to it’s hot dry environment it produces a hard wax. Not surprisingly known as candelilla wax. This along with evening primrose oil and castor oil create a moisturising glossy lipstick that loves your lips.


I was expecting the pigment that of this product to be a little better. While you can build the colour up it does take a few layers. Once applied Fuchsia Shock is moisturising and stays well on the lips, as long as you are not planning to eat or drink. It doesn’t  slide right off the lips but it’s not super long lasting.


One of the perks of this lipstick is it wears evenly. A pet hate of mine is when a lipstick wears unevenly leaving a ring around your lips that has been there for goodness only knows how long! Not ideal.


Karen Murrell Lipstick list

Other Karen Murrell Lipstick Shades

The best way to introduce brighter lipstick shades, if you don’t normally wear them, is to start off with trying a subtle colour that has just enough brightness in it so that you get used to wearing colour first. Then you can step up to a more vibrant shade. It is important when choosing these colours that they complement your skin and hair tone – don’t be shy and be secure in the colour that you wear.” Karen Murrell, Creative Director, Karen Murrell Lipsticks.


I have to agree with that, the only way to get used to wearing brighter colours is to start wearing brighter colours. 🙂 Start small and work your way up. Karen Murrell has a range of gorgeous colours. I would love to get my hands on 01 Moisture Stick, 06 Carnation Mist, 18 Sugar Rush and 19 Racy Rata!


Have you tired any Karen Murrell Lipstick before? What colours would you go for?


With love,
Alisha Barbara





Review overview
  • Lena June 29, 2015

    I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent many of these, and my favourite is probably Rymba Rhythm, it’s what I keep coming back to!

  • Lizzy Lockhart June 29, 2015

    Love this lipstck! Great review 🙂 This shade looks stunning on you x

  • Sinead June 29, 2015

    lovely review! I’ve heard so much about this brand but have yet to try it out! This lippy looks gorge on you! One of my fave shade of pink to wear on the lips!

  • Meagan Kerr June 29, 2015

    I love Karen Murrell’s lipsticks! This shade doesn’t suit me at all but I have a bunch of other faves including Violet Mousse and Coral Dawn!

  • AMY CURTIS May 8, 2016

    I have orchard bloom and it is the perfect nude!