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L’oreal Collection Exclusive The Nudes


This post has been a long time coming. My trouble with getting this post done, was I never had the lipsticks all in one place at one time to photograph the swatches! They have been my go-to work lippy, so I usually have at least two of them in my hand bag at all times.  Let me tell you about the range and what I think of each one!

L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – The Nudes Swatch and Review

Formula: Overall these lipsticks are rich and creamy with a moisturising feel to them. They do however have a powdery scent which took a bit to get used to, but I liked them enough to get over it pretty quick!

Lasting Power: 2 – 3 hours unless you’re eating or drinking. I find I need to reapply after food or drink. They do wear evenly though, rather than going patchy or leaving a noticeable ring around your lips! (bonus in my books).

Pigmentation: Over all I would say these have a sheer but build-able coverage, however, they vary in pigmentation so I will explain each one as I go!


Packaging: This has to be my all time FAVOURITE ‘drug store’ packaging! The sleek black and gold packaging make these look a lot more expensive than they are! They look stunning on my dressing table. Plus they have been my favourite product to photograph!!

Price & Where To Find Them: Farmers is generally my go-to for L’Oreal products but you can also find them at many pharmacies.

L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – Doutzen’s Nude


I thought I would start with my least favourite as it is all up hill from here. Doutzen’s Nude is very sheer and took quite a few layers to get this coverage. It is a very soft pink shade tends to settle in creases.


This would be ideal for ‘no-makeup’ looks or if you prefer a subtle colour to the lips!


L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – Julianne’s Nude


Julianne’s nude is a tied favourite! This is a rose-nude shade with great pigmentation. For me this is a ‘my lips but better’ shade. Julianne’s nude is always in my hang bag as a go-to lip colour!


Perfect for work, everyday wear and a gorgeous nude lip!


L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – Eva’s Nude

loreal-collection-exclusive-Evas-Nude-1-300x188Eva’s Nude is tied favourite number 2! In my opinion this has the best pigmentation out of the range. It’s rich and creamy. It looks best on me when I have fake tanned as it is quite a bronzey nude. This is also a must have at all times in my hand bag!

Perfect for a sun kissed bronzed look or a great balance for a smokey eye!


L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – J Lo’s Nude


J Lo’s Nude is a close second for me. It’s similar to Eva’s nude without the bronzed undertone. It’s a little more sheer than the two above but still has decent coverage. This shade is a true nude shade is my books.

Perfect everyday nude shade.



L’Oreal Collection Exclusive – Frieda’s Nude


The only reason Frieda’s Nude isn’t higher on my list is because it’s to cool toned for my liking. The pigmentation is sheer but easily build-able! Feels great on the lips like the others!

Perfect for tanner skin tones or if you like cool toned lip colours!


Overall: Overall I really enjoy this range, the rich moisturising formula make them great for everyday wear, plus re-applying is a breeze.

These five colours cover a lot of your ‘nude-needs’ ;p . Eva’s and Julianne’s Nudes will now go back in my hang bag so I have them on me at all times!

Have you tired any of the L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Nudes before? I would love to know you opinion!

With love,
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