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Infallible Matte FX Lip Colour Swatch and Review – L’Oreal Paris

Infallible Matte FX Lip Colour

L’Oreal have recently released quite a few products and one of my FAVOURITES out of the range is their Infallible Matte FX Lip Colour s!  I am not going to lie it took me waaaaay too long to work these lip colours out. I couldn’t figure out whether they were lipsticks or eyeshadows. I mean, they are lipstick colours but at the same time they look like they should be eyeshadow sticks!


I guess I was semi right on both fronts. They’re lip powders, so that means they’re like a powder but are a lipstick. . . They also have a pro-designer cushion applicator which actually applies the lip colour so smoothly and evenly making these so easy to use. There are 6 colours in the range which I have swatched and done a mini review of each below.


Lasting Power:  The lasting power of these are great, I wouldn’t say they are 10 hour wear like they say however they definitely last a LOT longer than regular lipsticks.


TIP: Top up these lip colours by just reapplying in the center of your lips where the product has worn off. This stops product build up and unnecessary waste!

Infallible Matte FX Lip Colour

My favourite thing: about these and probably why I love them so much is they feel like you’re wearing nothing on your lips. For any lip product, let alone a matte one, this is a BIG thing to claim. Matte lip products can often feel heavy and drying on the lips. THESE DON’T! They’re so light weight that it is like you’re not wearing anything at all!


Packaging: I am in two minds about the packing of the Infallible Matte FX Lip Colour s. Firstly it’s the packing that makes this product so awesome! The sponge applicator dips into the product (which is located in THE LID) every time you take the lid on/off, which is unlike anything I have seen for a lip product before. The outside is pretty classic, black base with the lipstick shade colour on the lid. Definitely not as awesome as their Collection Exclusive Range but pretty none the less.


What I don’t like about the packing is the black on the base seems to be wearing quite noticeably already. I mean I have been LOVING these so they have had A LOT of use but I am still a little disappointed in this. In saying that that won’t stop me from repurchasing my favourite colours.


Where to Find Them & How Much: Farmers and selected pharmacies sell these beauties for RRP of $23.99


Okay, I have rambled enough. Let’s get into the individual colours!

Infallible Matte FX Lip Colour

loreal-matte-lip-powder-silencio-300x300 (1)

This is my FAVOURITE out of the range! It’s the perfect everyday work shade. This has definitely had the most wear so far, it lives in my pen holder at work so I have it on hand at all times throughout the day.

001 Silencio is the perfect warm nude with a hint of coral undertone! A+++ in my book!


002 Virgin is my second fave! This is another great everyday shade but with a little more pop! This crisp pink is perfect to add a little extra colour to your makeup look without going too far out of your comfort zone!


I have to say I love the names of these! 004 Oops I Pink It Again is a gorgeous red shade. This is my favourite out of the reds! The pigmentation is great, the shade is a deep red without being too deep!(does that even make sense…) Sometimes deeper reds can feel a little too much but this has the perfect balance! YUS!


006 Disturbia is a gorgeous warm toned redy/orange, a lot brighter than the previous shades. This shade is perfect for adding colour to your makeup look! The pigmentation of this shade is not as great as the previous colour but still covers well!


007 Say My Name! BOOM! This is RED! This is a bright red and I love it!! The pigmentation in this red is better than the previous. This colour is perfect for a ‘Taylor Swift’ makeup look! This and some black winged eyeliner would look AMAZING!


008 I Gotta Feeling is my least favourite out of the range, purely because of the pigmentation. I have tried this shade out a few times and each time time I have had trouble building up the coverage enough for my liking. Maybe a purple lip liner would help? I really like the shade so if you have any tips let me know!

Over all I LOVE this range from L’Oreal, it has an edgy twist to very wearable colours! I am 100% sure that I will need to replace 001 Silencio very soon!

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts on the lip powder front?!

With love,



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