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Lush Butterball Bath Bomb Review

LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb

I did a Lush Haul a couple of day’s ago and couldn’t wait to try out the Butterball Bath Bomb. This beauty is a vanilla scented bath bomb with chunks of coco butter. As I have a ball to go to tonight I thought that this would be a lovely treat to hydrate and soften my skin.


I dropped half of this baby into full bath tub and watched as it gave a satisfying fizz, dispersing it’s goodness through the bath. You can actually see the coco butter chunks melting on the surface of the water!


This bomb makes your bath water feel silky. I knew straight away this was going to do exactly what it said it would, relax, rehydrate and soften my skin. The delicious vanilla scent is not over powering but adds a little luxury to the air.


When I hopped out of the bath I felt like a had just moisturised my body with a creamy body oil that soaked into my skin as I dried and got dressed. This morning (morning after the bath) my whole body still feels like a fresh layer of moisturiser has just been applied to my body. Perfect for the day’s ball preparations!


This bomb is $6.50 nzd from Lush. It is smaller than other bombs but don’t be fooled by the size. I generally cut my bombs in half so they last for two baths and half of this smaller bomb was still enough to full the bath with goodness.


I can’t wait to try the others I picked up!


What do you do to treat yourself before a night out?


Thanks for reading.




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