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LUSH Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

As always, Christmas is approaching way too fast. I have not done half the shopping I need to do, and I am still stuck for idea for some people. I think we can all relate to that. So, I thought I would do a couple of Christmas gift guides to help anyone who is stuck for ideas. And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t start with a LUSH Christmas addition!

LUSH Christmas Kids

LUSH Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

When it comes to buying for kids, yes something luxurious is nice, but honestly, we want bang for our buck. So that’s what I want to focus on here, awesome LUSH products that can be enjoyed multiple times. Keeping the awesomeness of a LUSH Christmas alive!

LUSH has so many awesome, fun things for kids. But I do know that heading into LUSH, if you’re not a LUSH junkie like me, can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re not sure what to look for! That’s where I can help!

LUSH Christmas Snow Fairy Fun Review

Lush Christmas – Snow Fairy Fun

This has to be one of my favourite LUSH inventions. It is essentially playdough for the bath but better! I know every year as a kid one of all time favourite things to get was new playdough. If this had been around O.M.G, it would have been top of my wish list.


It has the signature snow fairy scent, of candy floss and lollie shop dreams. In the pot of Fun you get three colours, gold, white and pink. You also get a small card cut out of a wand and wings which I didn’t realise! It comes in an air tight container to keep fresh when stored.


The Fun can be used in so many different ways and multiple times, which makes it such a good worth while gift for kids.



Ways to use FUN:

  • Break a section off and run it under hot water for bubbles
  • Using all over the body as a body wash
  • Mould into funky shapes like snow fairies, unicorns and candy snowpeople!
  • Use over and over again!

Price: $12.90

LUSH Christmas Snow Fairy Shower Gel

LUSH Christmas – Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Oh. My. Fairy! Just like the Fun, the Snow Fairy Shower Gel smells like delicious candy, think kid in a candy store. This makes you and your shower smell deliciously sweet!


While there is shimmer through the shower gel (I left it in the bottom so you can actually see it!) I don’t notice it on my skin after the shower. I’m not sure if that is a pro or con tbh but it does mean you don’t have to think about it!


Lather this pink goodness over your body in the shower or drizzle it under hot water in the bath for bubbles! <3


Price: 100g – 12.90     250g – $21.50      500g – $34.50


LUSH Christmas Magic Wand

LUSH Christmas – Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar

Every year I make sure to get one of these wands. Last year I stocked up on the Drummer Boy, but sadly it is not out this year. So instead I have gone for the Magic Wand! Again this is the signature Snow Fairy scent. – Sweet, candy floss, bubble gum goodness.


What I love about these is how many uses you can get out of it, which makes it perfect for children! You can use as much or as little as you want each use. When I want a little something in my bath but don’t want to use too much, I just swish this around in my bath water once it is almost full. This adds a little colour and scent to the bath without using heaps of product!


To add something more, hold it under running water, you don’t need to leave it for long. The water will do its magic creating bubbles, pink bath water and a sweet, candy atmosphere!  TIP: Store on a saucer or something you don’t mind getting mucky, or is easy to clean!


Price: $12.50


LUSH Christmas Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

LUSH Christmas – Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

I will admit I have been using this HEAPS! I will also admit that I didn’t realise that you’re meant to use it in the shower… even though it clearly says to use in the shower… ANYWAY!


I feel like this is the mother of snow fairy scents, it is so fragrant and delicious and full of shimmery goodness! It is intended to be use in the shower as body moisturiser, you massage it into your skin, let it soak then rinse off. The coco butter leaves your skin fresh, hydrated and smelling delicious for long after you leave the shower!


I will also say that it works well as a general moisturiser, which is how I used it to began with! – Oops. It leaves your skin so smooth, sparkly and smelling like candy goodness. A great addition to the morning routine.


Another great multi-purpose product! – This also sells out quickly!
Price: 100g – $18.90      250g – $38

LUSH Christmas Candy Mountain

LUSH Christmas – Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

I will say, I did not realise that nearly all of these are Snow Fairy scented, but I guess that just shows how obsessed I am with it right now!! This is similar to the Magic Wand but smaller, so less uses, and it’s white and pink.


Break a bit off and crumble this under running water. It creates heaps of bubbles and sweet goodness – PLUS IS MAKES YOUR BATH PINK! Could it get any better?! I normally cut a piece off to use, this stops the rest of it going sticky while storing till your next use!


Price: $9.50


LUSH Christmas Northern Lights

LUSH Christmas – Northern lights Bath Bomb

While this may not be able to be used as many times as other products, it really does put on a show! In saying that, you can cut it into halves or thirds if you want to make it last longer.


But to get the full show put this into your hot bath and watch the display of purple, blue, yellow and green colours create the night sky in your bathroom! With cheery ylang ylang and sensual jasmine this is perfect for right before bed. It is exciting but sleep provoking so hopefully you and/or your children have a great night sleep after use!


It is a little more expensive in terms of amount of uses verse price, but it definitely something magical for bath time!


Price $9.50


The LUSH staff are always amazing and are very helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask them either! They know their products like the back of their hands which is awesome! – You can also ask for samples if there is a product you would like to try before you buy. So ask staff about the products they offer samples of!


I hope this is helpful for your christmas shopping!! Do you have a favourite LUSH product to buy for kids at Christmas?! I would have to know!


Talk soon!
Alisha Barbara xo

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