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Cupcake Face Mask Review LUSH

Cupcake Face Mask LUSH

I found myself in LUSH the other day. I don’t know how it happened, I just appeared there, out of the blue, completely against my will . . . . Whilst being held captive, I thought I may as well have a look around. I’m glad I did as I stumbled across this little treat.

Cupcake Face Mask

You may have noticed by now, I love a good face mask on a Sunday night. This one by far takes the cake (had to do it sorry ;p). I have never been so excited to wake up with pimples before and I have this mask to thank for it.


For a long time I have had little blocked pores on my cheeks. Those frustrating little bumps that don’t turn into anything, but don’t go away either. I have used exfoliants and mud masks to try and get ride of them. Some reduced the size and appearance for a short amount of time, but they always came back.


I mentioned this to one of the lovely lady’s at LUSH Cosmetics and they suggested the Cupcake mask. To be honest I would have given anything a try, but when she told me to smell it, I was sold. Peppermint chocolate! Mmmmm, it is seriously so hard not to eat this mask that I also purchase peppermint chocolate to eat, better safe than maskless.


After smearing the goodness all over my face, like a baby with her first birthday cake. I wandered innocently into the lounge for my boyfriend to ask me, why I have Nutella on my face. Seriously? Would I do that? You’re right, I probably would. I let the mask set for about ten minutes then washed it off with a warm face cloth. I was happy as my face felt nice and smooth like it does after a mask. It wasn’t until the next day I realised how amazing this mask was.


When I woke up, I had little pimples all over my face. Saying this I do mean little pimples, nothing over the top or really noticeable, but the mask had really done some magic. It had finally drawn the gunk (sorry it’s the best word I could think of) out of those pesky little bumps on my cheeks! I couldn’t believe it. I had had them for so long I though I’d just have to put up with them.


After following my usually face routine for a couple of days the pimples went away naturally and left my skin smooth. I have used this mask four or five times, each time I can see it drawing more and more out of my skin. I love it. I still have a few little bumps around my chin and forehead, but they are getting less with every use.


To sum up; someone kidnapped me and took me to LUSH (am I the only one concerned about this?); talk to the lovely lady’s at LUSH, they know what they’re talking about; this mask is freaking amazing; if you have these bumps, you need to try this product; buy peppermint chocolate to go with it or you run the risk of consuming it (not ideal or recommended).


What are your favourite LUSH products?


Thanks for reading, happy Sunday.


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