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LUSH Stepping Stone Review

Stepping Stone LUSH


(Stepping Stone Image from the LUSH website as I destroyed mine . . . )

Happy Sunday everyone! In a recent haul, I showed you a sneaky Lush purchase, the Stepping Stone. As promised I have tried it out and am here to report on it.


The Stepping Stone from Lush Cosmetics $7.70 (nzd)
This citrus, pumice foot scrub is a little beauty to have in your bathroom. When I first used it, I was a little sceptical as it didn’t feel grainy as I thought it should. I had an idea in my head that it would be really rough on the skin, to get the built up skin off. So when using it for first time, the thought did cross my mind that it wasn’t really going to live up to the expectations I had.


I was however, pleasantly surprised with the result. I used this scrub after a soak in the bath to soften the skin. Using a small portion, I gently massaged it all over my foot in circular motions, spending extra time on my heels where I have more ‘problems’. Not only did it remove more dead skin than I was expecting, the Jojoba  oil in it, left my feet soft and moisturized after.


This is a great product, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not a substitute for a good old foot buffer. If you have quite hard or built up dry skin on your feet, I would reccomend giving them a good buff first and using the Stepping Stone on a regular basis, as a maintenance scrub and moisturiser.


What are your favourite foot treats?


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