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Maybelline Foundation SuperStay 24 Hour


Hold up, wait a minute. Let me put my two cents in it! In the web’osphere there has been a bit of move and shake around the release of Maybellines SuperStay 24 Hour Foundation ‘s new formula. As I’ve said a million times, I have oily skin (yes, we know Alisha!) and that can make foundation staying on your face a seemingly impossible task!

Maybelline Foundation

While there are many foundations that I genuinely enjoy using, there are only a hand full that I know I can rely on to last a full work day and some. It has also been a long time since I have added to my holy grail foundation squad.


I use and trial a lot more foundation products than what I end up showing on here. Some because my skin genuinely does not get along with some foundations, some I DO like and you will see in my Instagram Makeup Of The Day posts. BUT, there are a lot of hoops for a poor little foundation to jump through before I go all out ranting and raving about them!


SO, (I am getting to the point I promise). When I say I’m adding a foundation to my all-time fave of faves, a new holy grail foundation, it is no mean feat. Okay, now I’ll sush and tell you more out it!



Maybelline Foundation – SuperStay 24 Hour

Packaging: Maybelline always do sturdy foundation bottles! This is glass, which I prefer. There is something about glass bottles that made them feel more expensive! That along with the crisp while features make for a classic feel.


This foundation comes with a pump! HI FIVE Maybelline! It really grinds my gears when a foundation doesn’t have a pump on it. It just makes things messy and I don’t need any help in that department!


PLUS, like Mama Bear’s porridge it gives just the right amount of product. Not too little, not too much, just right! One pump does a light coverage, two does a full coverage!


Formula: While I haven’t worn this foundation for a full 24hrs. I have worn it for at least 17 hours and I was blown away by how well it lasted! Very minimal wear, mainly around where I touch my face. Which is pretty standard. As always, I blot and powder a few times throughout the day. But all and all I was stoked at how well it went from day through a night out. This was in early February too, so it was humid as well as oily skin!


I’d worn it a full day shopping, trying on clothes etc. At about 6pm I touched up with powder before going out to dinner then out clubbing. My skin was still looking flawless when I got home! <3



This is me wearing the foundation on the day I talked about above! This is after a full day shopping but before dinner and clubbing! – Excuse the phone quality photo! <3


It is currently my go-to work foundation. I know it will have me covered all day (see what I did there ;p). It is really light weight with great coverage. I don’t need a thick layer of product to give me full coverage look. A one pump thin layer actually gives great coverage. It is easy to blend and easy to build up layers for a fuller coverage. I like a product that is versatile!


Colour match: This is my least favourite part of the SuperStay 24 hour foundation. While the Ivory 10 shade is currently a great match, being summer and I am more tan than normal. It is a lot darker than I would expect for an Ivory shade. In saying that, there are two lighter shades that are avalible in NZ. They are just a little to pinky undertoned for my skin.


Check out how I pick my foundation shade. So, for the winter months I think I will have to mix two shades together. Which doesn’t actually bother me as I do that with foundations all the time. But just as a little heads up when choosing shades!



This shows the Ivory shade and the flawless finish of this foundation!


Finish: This has a semi-matte finish. I still like to set it with a powder and really matte that beauty up! But if you’re not into matte finish like I am, then it would be fine by itself! It also has a gorgeous air-brushed like finish. It honestly makes your skin look so flawless without looking over done! A+++


Price and where to find them: I generally grab my Maybelline products from either Famers $36.49. You can also get Maybelline from Warehouse but I couldn’t find this foundation in the Whanganui store… and most pharmacies stock Maybelline also!


As I think you may have picked up on, I really LOVE this SuperStay 24 Hour foundation! I would love to know your thoughts on this! Have you tried it?


With love,

Alisha Barbara

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  • Morgan March 29, 2016

    Girl you look so fierce in that second photo!