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No Tech Time

No Tech Time

It seems a little ironic writing this post on my laptop, with Netflicks on while intermittently scowling through my news feed on my phone . . . but maybe that’s the point. We spend too much time these days on some sort or electronic or another, we can easily forget how to just be in the now. So for my Anxiety Tips installment #003 we’re looking at No Tech Time!


No Tech Time!


I had forced no tech time over the weekend with a power cut from 1am till 8pm. To go with this I was physically cut off from friends and family. Yep I’m talking about the Whanganui flood! I had to find non-tech related ways to fill my day. Needless to say my house got very tidy very quick.


I had been thinking about writing this post before then but got distracted, no doubt on the computer. It took a day without power to make me remember how grounding it can be to step away from our alter-universe, the world of ‘internet’.


Often an anxious brain is an over-stimulated brain;


Your mind is so actively trying to process a thousand thoughts at once. One of those being, stop thinking about a thousand things! I know when I’m anxious or having a panic attack, to stop and think of just one thing is borderline impossible. Staring at electronic screens also stimulates the mind. The lights and contrasts are not a natural thing for us to be looking at and can add to over-stimulation.


As a blogger I find this more of an issue now than I did before blogging. As well as the everyday things you have to worry about I catch myself thinking, hmm did I upload that image to instagram, have I sent that tweet, I have to photograph that product, promote and write my posts, so on and so forth. It can be a lot for one brain to handle let alone adding anxiety into the mix.


What is Anxiety

So. Here is a challenge for US.


Put everything down, away and off for an hour a day. Potentially a few hours on the weekend, but maybe we’ll work up to that :p Spend time doing something that doesn’t involve looking at a screen, yes that includes the t.v.


Read a book, go for a walk, do some drawing or writing (with pen and paper, remember those) or some cleaning because you want some down time not because you HAVE to.


Take time to enjoy being here, in this room. Whether that is by yourself or with a friend or partner it doesn’t matter, they have to stay away from tech too though or that will defeat the point.


What do you think, could you do it? I guess I’m about to find out if I can. Maybe ill finally finish Angelas Ashes, that book has sat beside my bed for quite a while now.


Let me know in the comments what you would do if you stepped away from electronics for an hour a day.


With love,
Alisha Barbara xx



Review overview
  • Lena July 1, 2015

    Angela’s Ashes is SUCH a good book – you should definitely read it. I definitely need to make time to switch off. I spent Sunday afternoon in bed with a book for most of the day, although I replied to some texts and that sort of thing I was much less connected, and it felt good!

  • Andrea November 18, 2015

    Love this post! And so true. I’ve actually been thinking about doing this for a whole day but think about how hard it is to not communicate with friends or family, or even not check my Instagram or Facebook. I will take your challenge and maybe do it on the weekend! I deal wth anxiety and panic attacks and they have been happening more frequently lately so I think I do need to unplug!