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Perfect Foundation Shade Guide

How to Pick The Perfect Foundation

It’s so hard to find that perfect foundation shade. There is nothing more annoying than spending money on foundation, which we know in New Zealand is worth six months salary and your first born child, to get home and find it’s not even the right colour for you skin! We have all done it at least once and that is one time too many. So, I thought why not share some tips I use to ensure I get the perfect foundation shade for my skin.


Finding the right foundation can be broken down into two steps. Step one: choosing the right colour. This I guess you’d say is the easy part. Picking a foundation that isn’t too light or too dark for your skin. A common ‘mistake’ is trying to match the foundation to the colour on the back of your hand. As your hands see a lot more direct sun than your face, majority of the time they are darker than the skin on your face.


How To Pick The Perfect Foundation Shade

The best place to foundation is the middle of your jaw line without any makeup on. This area should give you the best match for your skin. Take a small amount of the tester and blend it in. If it blends in seamlessly, then that is the shade for you! If it looks darker than the surrounding area, try a lighter shade. If it looks to light, try a shade darker.


How to Pick The Perfect Foundation


Step two: this is the step often missed or not known about. I will admit it was not until recently that I fully understood this either. Your skin actually has undertone colours. Warm, Cool and neutral. Have you ever tried a foundation that was the right colour but just didn’t look right on you? This could be because it was the wrong untertone for your skin.


If you tan easily or have olivey skin, you have a warm undertone. Your skin is more suited to a yellow or golden undertone in a foundation.


If you have a paler complexion and tend to burn in the sun rather than tan, you will likely have a cool undertone. Your skin is more suited to pinks, red or blue undertones in foundation.


If you don’t feel like you fall into either of those categories, it could be because you don’t. You may have a neutral undertone, neither warm or cool undertoned. You will likely have less trouble than others finding a good fit foundation. You may find you can get away with wearing either warm or cool tones. Many women may envy your easy on the foundation concealer matching front!


I am warm toned, I have skin that tans easily and has a clear olive undertone. Here are some examples of different foundations on my skin.


Perfect Foundation Cool Undertone


The above foundation has a cool undertone with a pinky base, as you can see it doesn’t match my skin. The colour is right if I blended it out better but the cool undertone makes this look not quite right on my skin. Which is a bugger because I LOVE this foundation (Max Factor Lasting Performance)

Perfect Foundation Too Dark


Here, the above foundation has the right warm undertones but as you can see is way too dark for my skin skin. This is way you don’t grab a foundation without testing it! Damn it.

Perfect Foundation Too Light


This one is clearly too light for me and makes me look like a ghost rather than having a flawless canvas *she says sarcastically

Perfect Foundation Match


And here we have it, the perfect match. Not too hot, not too cold, just right ;p When blended this foundation looks seamless, there is no contrast with my skin which is what we are after.


Do you have any tricks to picking the perfect foundation shade? I have heard people talk about something to do with the vanes in your arms but that just confuses me!


With love,
Alisha Barbara xx



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