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One Dress Three Styles | Postie+

Postie+ Dress Feature Image

I said this on Instagram and I will say it again. There is only one thing that I love more than a bargain and that is a multipurpose bargain! I have teamed up with Postie+ to share some of the awesome fashion bargains you can find in store.


A few months ago I showed you some beauty bargains which you can watch here. For this post I want to share a dress that I have been living in since I got it a few weeks ago! I wanted to share you three different ways you can style one dress. This is particularly great if work with a capsule wardrobe!


Postie+ Casual Dress Alisha Barbara


You can grab this gorgeous and extremely comfortable long sleeved, high necked dress for $29 in store at Postie+. It is nice and warm so perfect for this time of year and can be styled to suit whatever you are doing that day!


For the first style I have dressed it down with a plain pair of black canvas shoes. Perfect for those slightly warmer days where you still want comfort and a bit of warmth. One thing I know I can count on (at least in Whanganui) is that a frosty morning can lead to warm sunny day. This helps you be a more resilient to the changing temperatures.


Postie Plus Casual Dress Alisha Barbara Final


No day would be complete without a coffee in hand! You could also pair this with ankle boots or heels.


Postie Plus Work Outfit Full Alisha Barbara


For the second look with this dress is a more formal style. I have actually been wearing this outfit to work. Paired with black opaque tights from Postie+ for $12.99, it makes for an affordable office or seemly formal evening look.


Postie Plus Winter Lookbook Alisha Barbara


The zip detail on the back adds a little ‘something’ to the dress and helps break up the back. I am also very happy with how the dress has held its shape. Sometimes this type of fabric can stretch and lose its shape. While the fabric has given a little it is nothing more than what would be expected out of any item of clothing.


Last but certainty not least is pairing the dress with a pair of $15 Jeggings from Postie+. This makes for an UBER comfortable outfit that you can dress up with boots or heels or dress down with a pair of flats. Both of which I have done. See what I mean by I have been living in it!


Postie Plus Jeggings and Dress Alisha Barbara


What I love the most is this gives you a range of options without looking like you’re wearing the same thing over and over again. Even though you are :p so PERFECT if you ask me!


I am not sure I’ll ever be someone who could be organised enough to do a capsule wardrobe but I am making an effort to be more conscious of what I am buying and how much everyday use I can get out of an item.  With my wedding coming up in November I am also always on the hunt for affordable items that also ticks those boxes.


Postie Plus Clothing Dress Alisha Barbara

A big thank you to for taking these photos for me. You’re a creative genius!



If you haven’t been into Postie+ recently I highly recommend checking them out. Both their beauty and fashion sections have awesome bargains!


I would love to know in the comments which look is your favourite, Casual, Dressy or Long Top/Jeggings?


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